“please email your resume, academic transcript and photo to me”

Me: Stuart and Jones, I’d like to be considered for your C programmer job. I have 10+ years experience doing C, C++, and other high-performance programming work for LexisNexis, Anthem health care, and other companies. My resume is online, and highlights my experience, skills, and also includes over 20,000 lines of sample code in C: Continue reading “please email your resume, academic transcript and photo to me”

Mathematical Poetics: Valuation

mathematical-poetics: Whenever a government assesses “the” value of a property for tax purposes; whenever you project figures in a pitch to investors; whenever an accountant writes a single number on a line that isn’t referring to Cash Itself — a distribution has collapsed. I put “the value” in scare quotes because one number can’t express Continue reading Mathematical Poetics: Valuation

A history of perfection, the American Lie

Background checks, credit checks, up-your-butt investigative journalism.  Presidential records of spotlessness.  People resigning over things they did that weren’t illegal—and that didn’t affect their job! This is all bad. I’m not talking about putting serial killers in daycares. I’m talking about: maybe I’ve had a restraining order filed against me.  Maybe my credit is bad. Continue reading A history of perfection, the American Lie

America is the wealthiest nation on Earth, but its people are mainly poor, and poor Americans are urged to hate themselves. To quote the American humorist Kin Hubbard, ‘It ain’t no disgrace to be poor, but it might as well be.’ It is in fact a crime for an American to be poor, even though America is a nation of poor. Every other nation has folk traditions of men who were poor but extremely wise and virtuous, and therefore more estimable than anyone with power and gold. No such tales are told by the American poor. They mock themselves and glorify their betters. The meanest eating or drinking establishment, owned by a man who is himself poor, is very likely to have a sign on its wall asking this cruel question: ‘if you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?’ There will also be an American flag no larger than a child’s hand – glued to a lollipop stick and flying from the cash register…

Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue. Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact hard money is to come by, and, therefore, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves. This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful, who have had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other ruling class since, say Napoleonic times. Many novelties have come from America. The most startling of these, a thing without precedent, is a mass of undignified poor. They do not love one another because they do not love themselves.

Kurt Vonnegut (via whiporwill)

Guns don’t kill people. (The toothpaste argument)

Um.  I know some educated people who vehemently defend the “guns don’t people” idea as logical..who claim it is so.  Gun’s don’t kill people—people kill people. Lol.  I sincerely don’t think the cogency of this statement, this argument, this general idea, is merely a matter of opinion and politics. I’ve tried many tactics to try Continue reading Guns don’t kill people. (The toothpaste argument)

meloukhia: stfuconservatives: A 2009 study by the Department of Agriculture found that 2.3 million households do not have access to a car and live more than a mile from a supermarket. Much of the public health debate over rising obesity rates has turned to these “food deserts,” where convenience store fare is more accessible—and more Continue reading