I realized my body is doing segmented sleep

And that’s..like..a thing. Photo by Internet Archive Book Images via Foter.com. No known copyright restrictions. I have schizoaffective disorder, which is like having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder at the same time. For everyone, and especially for bipolar people, sleep is a big deal. When you’re manic, you sleep less or none at all. When you’re Continue reading I realized my body is doing segmented sleep

Orange glasses help sleep/mania

Blue-blocking glasses improve sleep, reduce mania What? Yes, my friend Berit Ellingsen told me about this. Can Orange Glasses Help You Sleep Better?—“ ‘My girlfriend thinks I look ridiculous in them.’ But Mr. Nicoletti insists that the glasses, which can block certain wavelengths of light emitted by electronic screens, make it easier to sleep.” Bipolar Disorder, Continue reading Orange glasses help sleep/mania