Let’s talk about disability

even though it’s still hush hush in our society Photo by Jonas Hansel via Foter.com under CC BY-NC-SA You’re not supposed to talk about disability. You’re not supposed to be on disability. You’re supposed to feel bad about having it. Especially if you’re on it for a mental illness. If you can’t walk, everyone accepts your disability. Continue reading Let’s talk about disability


What you think when you’re manic When you’re manic you hand things like this to your psychiatrist. I did so five years past. A printout of a webpage you made that explains, clearly, how your brain has been infected by a computer program you wrote years earlier. Your mania is so infectious that you’re sitting on Continue reading MY BRAIN IS RUNNING THIS PROGRAM

Sexual side effects

The specific side effects of SSRIs Photo by falcon0125 via Foter.com under CC BY-NC-SA Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of antidepressant which cause parts of your brain which reclaim serotonin as parts of the serotonin cycle to take in less serotonin, leaving more serotonin in the parts of your brain where, when present, serotonin Continue reading Sexual side effects

“Bipolar Insights” by Dr. Jay

A funny, forward-thinking, insightful presentation on bipolar I found this presentation on bipolar disorder by Dr. Jay Carter, a psychologist, which I think is unusually good. If you have time and interest, watch the video. If not, please consider skimming my notes, below, which quote and summarize some of Dr. Carter’s ideas. Notes “It’s a medical Continue reading “Bipolar Insights” by Dr. Jay

Catch each other when we fall

What didn’t happen in Bethany Yeiser’s case This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. It is Bethany Yeiser telling her story of being a straight-A college student, to being lost and homeless and schizophrenic, to stumbling onto medical care, getting treatment for her schizophrenia, finally finishing her degree, and then writing a book about Continue reading Catch each other when we fall

That scene from What About Bob?

“You’re the one drawing all the dirty pictures!” Photo by arcreyes [-ratamahatta-] via Foter.com under CC BY-NC-SA Feeling pretty sick when I think of me and Mom’s relationship. In general, I think I take too much responsibility for the success or workability of relationships. I mean, with Amy, Suzanne, Dad..maybe this is sociopathically simple, but..I feel Continue reading That scene from What About Bob?